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Estimated year of release

WAIT. Before you lock this and ignore it please hear me out and give an honest legitamite answer, I simply want an estimated time frame like 2017-2019 or something I dont care how percise it is but I just want a good guess about when it might be close to finish or at least beta, no actual release date I just wanna guess about what years it might come out. If you answer I mean this kind of year guess: 2017-2018. Thank you for your time. I understand if you can't answer this. I am sure you get  asked this daily. I am so excited. Thanks to everyone , who uses their freetime on this project. I wanna learn to mod so I can help.

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We have absolutely no idea,

We have absolutely no idea, and cant make an estimate at all. We don't have a schedule for people working on the project, its done with free time. And people are always changing 

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When it's done

When it's done. It is really hard to estimate to be honest. There are several bottlenecks on the way to solve.

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As people have said it is

As people have said it is very hard to estimate with people coming and going as well as some areas we need to work on where it is hard to estimate the amount of time as they are "unknowns" in terms of us having a sense of how difficult they will actually be and if we will have the right people focused on finishing those sorts of tasks.

We could give a rough range but then we risk missing the deadline and receiving all sorts BS from people saying we "lied" to them. All I will say is that the team we have right now is pretty consistent and progress is looking fairly solid these days. I'd say there's a good chance we'll get something out before the next ES game is released but once again, no promises there as people may leave that may be hard to replace and slow the project down in critical areas. They may also stay on until the end - we just can't predict because of these sorts of factors.

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Taerkalith wrote:

Taerkalith wrote:

I'd say there's a good chance we'll get something out before the next ES game is released

And the great thing is you won't have to create new assets all over again when porting it to that.  ;)
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As one of many Elder Scrolls

As one of many Elder Scrolls fans, you get discouraged when things like Skywind, and Skyblivion take so long.  It is too bad you dont have a full staff working on this, we could have had it long before now.  But as a fan ... I appreciate all the time you put into both projects here at TESREnewal.  We as fans will appreciate it and love it once they are both released.

Great work and keep it up!  We are patiently waiting :)