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Combining Projects

With all of the projects that you guys are working on, are you guys considering putting them all into one file?

Since they are all running on the same engine, and same basic plans for all of the mods, would it be possible to attach them all to each other and be able to travel between Morrowind, Skyrim, and Cyrrodil? Would it be possible to combine enough files in order to offer this?

I think this would be a really cool feature to have. It would be awesome to be roaming the mountains of Skyrim, walk to cyrrodil to trade your goods in the Imperial Market District in the Imperial City, and take a horse over to Morrowind to take in the views of the vastly different landscape.

Is this something that could possibly be done, or something you guys are even interested in?

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The problem is consistency.

The problem is consistency. While it WOULD be cool to just walk through Pale Pass and into Cyrodiil, or over the Velothi Mountains into Morrowind, it wouldn't make sense for you to be in 4E 201, then as soon as you walk into Cyrodiil, 3E 433, or 3E 427 in Morrowind.

At least, that's my thoughts on it, but I'm not a contributor, so don't take my word for it.

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I don't get it. I really don

I don't get it. I really don't. The whole participating-in-forum thing is not something new. It's not a vibe from a year ago. It already exists for a while and on each one you have a nice thread with rules. And in each of these you usually get something like "Please USE SEARCH OPTION before posting" - one would imagine you people should already read one or two of those. Yet you keep on coming and doing this annoying (though in a way hilarious too) thing.

I'm not even mad, that amazes me that so many people tend to do exactly the same thing.

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We can put a GIANT message in

We can put a GIANT message in the forum head

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Not possible due to the

Not possible due to the engine limitations in Skyrim and limited size of the worldspace.

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A merge might be possible via

A merge might be possible via tesVedit but I wouldn't advise trying to do that considering the size of the two projects

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It's possible to have a

It's possible to have a travel mod which will allow you to travel between worldspaces. But combining them in a single worldspace would cause a severe loss of performance, and would require all the empty land surrounding Skyrim to accommodate the two projects. And considering that the scale of TES games differ wildly and that Skywind may not fit everything on that tiny Vvardenfell in TES 5...


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I disagree with the
I disagree with the statements above. I think it would be awesome to combine the three games and I think it's extremely possible technically and story wise. Technically: Do not combine the three world's into one world. Run the three world's in separate instances and have the player play one world at a time. They can however travel between the world's with a portal, which spawns their character in a separate instance. This way you have a huge game, but it doesn't kill the processing power. There will definitely need tweaks though leveling wise, gear, perks to be consistent in all three world's--but I'm sure modders can figure this out. Everything's running the same engine anyways so theirs no problem there. Regarding MOD consistency, make separate MOD lists in MOD organizer. They will have to be separate games and Esm files. However there should be an overhaul mod that exists in each game, that enables for there to be a portal which allows the character data to be saved in a shared folder all three games have access to. Essentially when a character migrates to another world, you will have to close that game, and open the other one. However you will have the same character once you open the other. If your thinking how would this make sense story wise read further. Story wise: How you can solve this paradox of different worlds and different times is by justifying why the main character will need to time travel, and I have a story that will make sense without disrupting much of the vanilla content. Inside of the Elder Scrolls lore, Arisen are people that have lived past lives and rose again to live and find their destiny. Much of ES series centers on the mystery of fate, and how the Elder scroll is like a thread that connects our lives past, present, and future. Through all three games of Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim--you are playing as a character that saves the world, is related to the Elder Scrolls, and has a dense destiny. I think this is no coincidence. I think a cool story would be that after the dragonborn slayed the dragon in Skyrim, he finds the Elder scroll relic that Alduin himself used to travel in time to the future. A voice calls out to the main character asking him if he wants to unlock his past lives to find the mystery of the Elder Scrolls, the enigma that connects all three stories, times, and worlds. In order to activate the scroll he must go to pale pass, when he goes through the scroll activates and skyrim ends. Oblivion begins. He wakes up in a jail cell same as the start in oblivion. Or with a Alternate life MOD, he could have other starts, doesn't matter. At this point the overhaul MOD kicks in, and changes the character data to adjust to the world. If the character level is too high with too many perks, maybe the overhaul MOD can adjust the level etc. It'll make sense since the character is living his past life. The goal is to find the mystery of the Elder scroll. So the character can play through every oblivion quest as is, at the end he finds a huge clue and gets another Elder scroll relic which allows him to travel to Morrowind. Traveling to Morrowind will be similar to what's done above. However since Morrowind is only six years prior to oblivion, you could explain it as an alternate dimension. The main underlying thread that connects it all is the Elder Scroll. You find that the words on the Elder scroll doesn't only control time, it controls space and dimensions... You play through Morrowind and find the final answer. _____ I'm borrowing this idea from Assassins creed and how people must revisit their past lives to find out more about the present, I think it will be an awesome game and really get the player super deep into the lore by combining all 3 world's and timelines without much disruption to the vanilla content of them all. I also don't think this overhaul is super hard to create, it's hard but not impossible. Take a look at the MOD Apotheosis. It's definitely a smaller MOD than Skywind, but the map is huge! Almost as big as Skyrim. And from what I hear, the creator was able to do this by running the world's in different instances and saving the character data. What I am presenting here is a similar concept, except the possibilities are limitless by expanding the universe as a whole. Let me know your thoughts guys, I hope this isn't just a fantasy I just came up with. :)
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Stealth720 That is a great

Stealth720 That is a great Idea, I had my own idea that is very similar to yours, but the lore (as long as it is lore-friendly) of how, and ability to get from one time to another (possibly a permanent ascension: Morrowind -> Cyradil -> Skyrim) with retained appearance, skills, and inventory would be the holy grail of many Elder Scroll fan's fantasies.

Personally, I think a new quest (or quest chain) in Skyrim that is Lore Friendly, and ties together the three stories would make sense.

The story could start after the Dragonborn has finished the main quest line. He will suddenly learn a new shout, called "Ancient Word: Awaken Blood". Upon it's use (with spectacular effects), An Ancient Ayleid (Those responsible for forging the Amulet of kings) appears and approaches the Dragonborn, and Pacifies him - the screen goes black. The screen flashes with bits of the oblivion introduction - of hellfire and daedra machenes, and bits of Skywind cinematics.

The Dragonborn awakes on the ground where he was ambushed with no gear. to the left on the ground is a bag, with a note with a knife sticking out of it and the backpack. The player must open the note before the pack - the note says:


Dear Dragonborn,

You will know us as the Ancient Ayleid society. We are from your distant past, and have traveled here through the use of what you call an Elder Scroll. The Scroll took us to the exact moment Lorkhan's blood awoke.

Lorkhan's Heart (Red Mountain) has crashed into Vvardenfell, and with it, this Elder scroll has appeared. The scroll show's visions of Lorkhan's Reincarnation, and how his heart must embrace his blood once again. The Scroll says Lorkhan's blood will awaken the day a Dragonborn becomes strong enough to call it forth. 

You are powerful enough the become the agent of Lorkhan, as you were always fated to be. The stone in this amulet is a piece of Lorkhan's body, and through it you will be able to shout into the past, and become the Agent of Lorkhan as you assume critical roles in the fate of this land, and Lorkhan himself. This shout will only project you, as a result all Items you bring will not have their full effect in that time.


Under the note is an amulet - the "Amulet of Kings". Once the player takes the amulet, They can loot the backpack which contains all their gear.

Upon Equipping the Amulet of Kings, The Player learns 3 new shouts: "Word of Time: Rift of Mehrus Dagon Crisis (Oblivion)", "Word of Time: Rift of Dragon Crisis (Skyrim)", and "Word of Time: Rift of Dagoth Ur Crisis (Morrowind). Upon using the Oblivion Shout, The Dragonborn opens a Rift Portal in time that he can enter.

When passing through the Oblivion Crisis Rift, He ends up at the exact moment in Oblivion's Tutorial, when the Emperor gives the player the Amulet of Kings, when the Dragonborn takes over because the amulet touches the players skin.

When passing through the Morrowind Rift, The Player would start by receiving Papers from the general at the end of the tutorial. 

Opening rifts between the different worlds would replace all native items with their foreign versions (they have their game's emblem on the Icon or model and are nerfed). So going from Skyrim to Oblivion bring all of skyrim's gear over there, but gear native to Skyrim would have the Skyrim emblem and nerfed stats. If you go back to Skyrim with this item in your inventory, the Original version will be restored, and any Oblivion or Morrowind items will be stamped and nerfed. 

When arriving in Morrowind or Oblivion for the first time, The Dragonborn's level could be reset to 1 for that world, and his gear would be stamped and scaled appropriately. Option of keeping Skills and 1/3 Bonus attributes.

Gear Scaling could have a gradient that follows this model: Level 1 Native gear - Foreign Level 1 Gear, Level 10 Native gear - Foreign Level 20 Gear. Foreign gear will act closer to Orcish or Dwarven Native Gear. Foreign Artifacts should be Scaled down 10-15%. All Scaling should be native to which game (Oblivion, Morrowind, or Skyrim) you are in.

Swapping between worlds Updates inventory by swapping which gear is nerffed, loads world specific level and character data, and loads the last position when exiting that world (oblivion, skyrim, or morrowind). 

Theoretically this would be a fractional additional amount of work to implement in existing projects, and I believe something along these lines would expand the project's appeal by two, or as much as four times. 

There could be money in a project of this scale, if approached right with the correct permissions. 

That's my take at least xD