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[SOUND DESIGN/SFX] Looking to join the project

Hi. I'm Luka from Slovenia. The reason I want to join this project, is because it's really hard to get into the gaming industry, especially for someone who has very little work experiences, and this project seems like a great opportunity for me to start gaining those priceless experiences. I'm currently unemployed, which means I have plenty of time.

I have a diploma in Audio Engineering (SEA Institute), therefore I'm familiar with all kinds of sound processing plugins and DAWs. I'm also electronic music producer for about 9 years now, which mean I have very well trained ears, and I know when something sounds right and when it doesn't.

About my proof of skills in the PDF attached below. The first one is my soundcloud page, where pretty all my tracks are uploaded. The second proof is a video, where I had to make the complete sound by myself. It was for some job that I applied in the past.

Regards, Luka

EDIT: the second proof link in the PDF is wrong, so here's the right one: 

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