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Hey there, I am in my senior year at SCAD majoring with a degree in Animation. I am currently focusing on Rigging. Rigging is a strong passion of mine and I am looking to primarily do that. When I graduate I am looking to get into game development which is why I am applying here. I hope to get some experience of being on a creative team that strives to make amazing content for video games. Id like to create some really interesting creature rigs and animations to increase my skills and experience in the field. I am a huge fan of Bethesda and have played both Skyrim and Oblivion for years and would love to join your team and lend a hand with my expertise.

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Hi Katakire!

Hi Katakire!

The animation department could definitely use another character rigger. Most of the work is skinning/skeleton creation focused, but there may be some control rig creation needs if you’d like to animate.

You should join us on our discord chat, its our primary method of communication on the team: https://discord.gg/9fywwDq


Once there shoot me a message (Coal#7608), and I can set you up with a small rigging test.