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[READ FIRST] How to apply to join Skywind team

Want to join the Skywind team?

If you are interested in working on Skywind, you have come to the right place. We are always looking for dedicated members to help bring the world of Skywind to life.

If you are inquiring about VOICE ACTING (VA) please follow the instructions listed  here. YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL AN APPLICATION FORM.

For all other positions not VA related:

  1. Fill out this form. (NOT FOR VA. see above link).
  2. You will receive a PDF in your mail - collect PDF received in mail.
  3. Create a thread in this forum, attach said PDF and tell us why you want to join and a little bit about yourself, your skills, or whatever you feel would be appropriate.

We ask that you include a department tag in your thread title, as it makes it easier for department leads to cast their attention on the right threads. Example: “[3D] Experienced modeler looking to join!”. Other tags would be: [3D] [ORG] [CREATION KIT] [QUESTS] [ANIMATION] [CODING] [QA]. Use as many as you would like as long as it fits.

Our Coding, Writing and Concept Art departments are currently full. (Unless you're amazingly talented ;) )

Please be patient as it can take up to a week for us to review your application. It is more than likely that we will need to ask you some more questions, so please check the sub-forum in here, which is the Application has a reply from Skywind team
We look forward to your application, good luck!



Below are the departments and a few qualities we are looking for

Department Lead: Coal
Currently looking for: Experience with animating in Max is strongly preferred, however Maya is acceptable. We are also looking for people with the ability to set up their own rigs, as there are a lot of creatures that cannot use the existing skeletons of Skyrim. Commitment is important, once you take a job in the animation department, we’d like you to finish it. This is necessary to continue progress on new creatures. Your goal is to please Aerisarn.

We are looking for people to fill the following roles:

1) Java coders: You have to be able to use Eclipse and run a java project, hkxcmd from shell and a bit of knowledge about 3d. You'll became a behaviorist, much of your work will consist in reversing the engine behavior using custom tools.

2) Riggers: You need some skill with Max, as you need to be able to add the right modifiers, and/or being able to export nif and kf. Training available.

3) Animators: Look at animations previews and create new animations for the creatures, you work in FBX.

Click here for more information on the animation department

Department Lead: Nexos (Gratitude to Dragomir, our previous long time lead)
Currently looking for: We're not looking for any new artists at this time. Opportunities may open up in future, so stay tuned if you’re interested.

Follow this link to learn more about the art and concept department.

Contact: Taerkalith or Rovan
Currently looking for: The coding department is not recruiting at the moment.

Department Leads: CrustyComb SquallyDaBeanz (recruiting by Jangosan)

If you are applying for the level design department, we ask that you provide proof of skill in the Creation Kit. If you are unable to provide the proof that we need, we may ask you to produce an example .esp.

What to include in your example:

-For interiors, we expect you to be able to proficiently create a cave or dungeon with the appropriate assets in addition to lighting, FX, etc.

-For exterior worldspaces, we also expect effective use of the landmesh to be demonstrated in addition to effective cluttering with the available Skyrim assets.

-Navmeshing and optimisation of exterior and interior worldspaces are a bonus but not required.

When you have completed your example .esp, please attach it to your application so that we can review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Currently looking for: 

Interior designers: you must be able to create small/ medium sized dungeons, primarily caves, from start to finish, with little to no oversight. You need to have these skills before applying: 

  • Good sense of 3D game space and pacing;
  • Working with modular tilesets; 
  • Basic cluttering;
  • Basic understanding of the lighting system in Skyrim;
  • Basic understanding of TES5Edit a plus;
  • Ability to work off the grid with snappable tilesets a plus;
  • Ability to create patrols a plus;
  • Ability to create roombounds and portals a plus;
  • Ability to create an optimized navmesh from scratch a plus; 

World designers: you will have to landscape huge areas of the exterior worldspace from start to finish with little no no oversight. You need to have these skills before applying:

  • Excellent sense of 3D game space and pacing;
  • Cluttering; Basic understanding of the lighting system in Skyrim;
  • Basic understanding of navmeshing; Basic understanding of TES5Edit a plus;
  • Ability to work with modular tilesets a plus;

Weather and lighting specialist: you will have to create custom weathers from scratch for each of the 9 regions, as well as lighting templates and image spaces for the various types of interiors in the game. You need to have these skills before applying:

  • Excellent understanding of the lighting system in Skyrim;
  • Great understanding of the CK;
  • Experience with ENB's a plus"

Department Leads: Kettlewitch and Nexos
Required programs: 3ds Max, Blender or Maya / Photoshop or Gimp / Mudbox or Zbrush
Currently looking for: We are looking for environment artists as a priority. Having experience creating tileable textures in Zbrush is recommend. Likewise, experience with modular 3D creation is highly sought after. We are currently only accepting modelers who ARE EXPERIENCED MODELERS, and who can create HP and LP models on their own, as well as textures.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to teach people from scratch. We need you to provide a images of a model that is at least Skyrim quality or above. If you do not have something similar to this, you need to create one. If you for some reason decline, we will turn down the application. 

We are in need of environmental artists at the moment.

Department Lead: Marius S., Fredrik Joansson & Matt Hawken
Currently looking for: Unless you can match the level of quality displayed by some of our composers such as Leon, Fredrik, or Marius (searchable online), we will not be able to accept your compositions as we are attempting to create a unified sounding OS.

To read more about the music department, follow this link.

Department Leads: Smitehammer, Cesare Taerkalith
Currently looking for: All Voice Acting roles are currently open. All we require is a good recording setup and good accents. We're looking to get a bunch done in the near future so feel free to send your auditions in.

Follow this link if you're interested in doing voice acting

Department Lead: Del Chupenebray, DiscoverME(Mike Vogler), Beech
Currently looking for: Sound Engineering experience and licensed sound banks are always nice to have. Looking for individuals to work on creature and environmental sounds.

Department Lead: Oldmanlaertes
Currently looking for: We're not looking for any new writers at this time. Opportunities may open up in future, so stay tuned if you’re interested.

From time to time we need work done that doesn't require specific skills, or belong to a specific department. Those will be listed here:

Voice File Cutting! If you want to help immediately and have no skills, post here and we'll get you cutting up some of those voice files!

Quality Assurance Testers and Reports. We are currently taking on those with experience in QA. Please answer the following questions if you are interested and put [QA] in your volunteer PDF file:

We are looking for QA to work on the Skywind project, Please apply if you are interested, in your application please note your experience in each of the following areas: * # of years of QA Experience * knowledge using Papyrus (preferred not essential) * Experience using Console commands * Knowledge level of the original Morrowind Game * Availability and time you can commit Please be honest with your answers, particularly about availability, we just want to know how best you will fit into the team and allows us to plan resources.



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