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[QUESTS][CREATION KIT][CODING]RPG quest designer and Elder Scrolls fan wanting to participate!

Hello Skywind Dev Team,

I am a RPG game designer, currently working as a quest designer in a small game development studio in France. I design puzzles and narratives, write dialogues, rework the environment to fit my design, script the quests with the tools used by the studio, and organize the user-tests.

The Elder Scrolls series have influenced a lot the way I design games. I played mainly Oblivion Skyrim and Morrowind (in that order) but I have also tried Daggerfall and Arena by curiosity. That series was literally my entry door to western RPGs, which is now my favorite genre of games and why I decided to go study Game Design in Denmark and try to get a career in games.

I don't have experience with the Creation Kit itself, but I have a good idea of how mods work in Elder Scrolls or Fallout games. I have learnt to code in C# and Javascript, and to use some dev tools by myself so the Creation Kit wouldn't be the first.

Thank you, I really hope I can help :)

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Message me on Discord

Message me on Discord (Kninja50) to discuss your application.