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[QA][Writing] For Skywind!

Hello one and all,

I wanted to submit an application for Skywind in order to put some of my personal skills to use for this project. My name is Andy, and I have 3 years of college under my belt for CIS(Computer Information Systems). I am a passionate gamer with a love for RPG's and worlds that are created. My personal talents include: Modding in the TES engine, Writing, QA testing, Indesign/Photoshop skills. My personal favorite titles are: The Legend of Dragoon, TES, Dark Souls, Nioh, and Crash Bandicoot.

On a side note, I am well aware that Writing says there are no more slots open as of now, but I was just curious to see if the Skywind team has need for creating a Digital Booklet in the style of an old game manual like Morrowind.

Thanks in advance to all contributors who have made Skywind what it is so far!

*Edit - I noticed that my submission for my Short Story isn't showing up for some reason, so I'll re-post it here. 


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Hi TBM777, msg me on the

Hi TBM777, msg me on the Discord? I'd love to have you on the QA team if you worked on the Skyrim expansions. Link to Discord is on the front page and my username is the same over there as here.