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[QA Testing] Helpful Skyrim & Morrowind Enthusiast Seeks Volunteer Job

Howdy, I'm Grimdork and I'm looking to add my passion to this project.

I fell in love with the original Morrowind when I got the Game of the Year edition at age 12, and that flame never really died. I have beaten the game and its expansions 3 times, and given over 200 hours of my life to enjoying it. Some of my fondest memories are mucking around in various dungeons and towns, getting into places I shouldn't and the like with levitate. Just last year I replayed the game, and in the midst of doing so I discovered Skywind.

My excitement for the Skywind project only grows the more I see skilled folks volunteering to help make this dream a reality. Now is my chance to throw my hat into the ring and see if I can also help. Though I don't have official experience in QA, I am able to learn quickly and can figure out what is needed. I'm attentive to details, creative, and enjoy problem solving.

I have played over 800 hours of Skyrim, and each time I do I look for new and interesting ways to enjoy the experience. For the past five or so runs I have attempted to create "challenge" runs for myself based on my knowledge of how the game works, and is not supposed to work. Pushing against the "intended experience" in Skyrim for over a month of in-game time has given me a familiarity with the system I hope to utilise in QA. I am also very familiar with Skyrim's console, both for "getting unstuck" reasons and for recreational use (such as: setting up large scale battles, homes, or limits for my various challenges).

Thanks again for making this mod, and I hope to be working with you to make it the best it can be.

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Thanks grimdork but I need

Thanks grimdork but I need individuals with some QA experience as I don't have time to train people from scratch. I appreciate that you took the time to apply though :)