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[QA Tester] QA Tester With Moderate Experience Looking to Contribute To Skwind and Skyblivion

Hello my name is Andrew or you can call me Regnier,

I have been working in QA for almost 2 years now at various studios. Some of the projects I have worked on are Armored Warfare at Obsidian Entertainment, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at Infinity Ward, God of War at Santa Monica Studio and I am currently working at Treyarch. I have experience using Jira and Devtrack, although I Imagine this mod might be a little more informal. Obviously I have extensive experience using console commands and devgui to do testing.On the downside I do not have any experience really in using Papyrus and my knowledge of Morrowind is limited. I can remedy my knowledge of Morrowind by doing a playthrough. 

As for a more personal side, I have been following the project for a while but haven't really been a huge part of the community. Oblivion is still my favorite game of all time and Morrowind is a game I have been wanted to finish forever. Maybe helping this project in what way I can will help me to reach that goal. 

I can commit the 2-4 hours a week no problem as I have a pretty open schedule. So if you guys need any help you know where to reach me!

Andrew ( Regnier )

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Hi Regnier, you sound perfect

Hi Regnier, you sound perfect for the project. Feel free to PM me on our Discord server and we'll go from there. https://discordapp.com/invite/0oOzg2qbwpmAwxb3