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[QA] Test Role Application

I have lost countless hours to Morrowind and I would love to help bring Skywind to life. As the first open world RPG I ever played, Morrowind has always been a rich and fascinating world which has never lost its novelty. It remains my favourite games to this day.

I have spent the last three years working in QA for a large multi-national company, using bug tracking tools like JIRA and Redmine. I have assisted with a number of time sensitive projects, including testing new applications for international clients. I am well versed in working to tight deadlines and have also undertaken a number of additional projects to my main role, so am experienced in managing my time efficiently. 

I have experience with Python and am willing to put the time in to familiarise myself with Papyrus. I have a small amount of experience with Console, for example in changing the FOV, and would be happy to learn more.  

I can commit 2 - 5 hours a week to this project.

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