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[QA] New Quest Added!

Hi, my name is Zac!

The first singleplayer RPG I ever played was Oblivion and I fell in love immediately. I logged hundreds of hours into the game and have since played approximately 1,000 hours of Skyrim across multiple platforms. I've been eagerly waiting for this project to finish so I can experience Morrowind as well, occasionally dropping in to see if there was anything I felt I could help with.

I'm interested in working in the video game field as a journalist and a writer. As such, I believe QA testing a great way to get my foot in the door. That being said, I would take this very seriously as it's something I'd want to put on my resume.

Unfortunately, I don't yet have experience with QA testing, but it's something I'm confident I can do, due to my ability to learn quickly and communicate efficiently. 

I have no experience in Papyrus, but I do have experience with console commands and adding mods from the Nexus to both Oblivion and Skyrim (before the mod manager was a thing). I'm fully capable of committing 2-4 hours a week to this, if not more!

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Hi zindinok, thanks for your

Hi zindinok, thanks for your application. We do require our QA to have some experience with QA work/game testing as I don't have a lot of time to train individuals as to how the process works. Thanks for taking the time to apply