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[QA] Hey all

I am responding to the request for QA.

I'm a senior software architect with dozens of commercial deployments and I've been in the Private Equity industry for a while. My company's flagship product is my baby, and we've also written the app for mobile. I do data-intensive web applications with lots of custom fields, custom layouts, large encrypted databases, and email/calendar integrations, for very rich and very hungry-but-not-yet-rich-enough private equity investors. I know my way around modern web build systems, hybrid and native apps, heavy sql, and cloud deployment.

When my team was large I had many minions doing both QA and dev, when my team is small I oversee both qa and deployment/infrastructure. I have done full agile, small agile, kinda-agile, and waterfall. I have used various ticket systems and I was managing tickets today for someone else to QA after I sign off on new commits. I am full-on web brain thing.

I am no longer in startup mode, we are not rich but we kept ownership of our code and our company and I have a share. So, I have evolved to have time for my wife and music and gaming.

I can have fun while doing serious QA. That's what I had to do all day today, while bug-fixing a new mobile deploy.

I just started a Morroblivion install which is pretty PHAT and delicious and stable --thx bevilex (sp?)-- and I've cranked up the difficulty to 100% and tweaked the hell out of Mascar's until I can actually use custom CMPartners followers and still have a challenge. It took me an hour or so to get out of the tutorial alone, and get to my followers, haha. I have been studying and tweaking my own Oblivion combatstyles.

I have not yet had the opportunity to walk around in Skywind but I would readily devote several hours a week to play-testing and properly documenting my findings.

* # of years of QA Experience
Exclusive: Weeks to months in each of the last 10 years.
While lead developer: Weekly for the last 10 years.
* knowledge using Papyrus (preferred not essential)
No, but I catch on quick. MIT, blah blah.
* Experience using Console commands
* Knowledge level of the original Morrowind Game
Extreme. I married the woman who re-played Morrowind more than anyone else I was aware of, at the time.
* Availability and time you can commit
Various, actually having a life. However, 6 hours a week ~minimum~ is an easy bet, for an indeterminate period. Perhaps much more depending on leeway/task-assignments/micro-management/nature of task-lists/etc.

Thanks, all

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Hi Valleyspirit, while well

Hi Valleyspirit, while well credentialed I have pretty strong feeling that you are "sarcasphagus" from this reddit thread due to your comment history on the bevilex mod which you cite above as well.

I really hope you enjoy Morroblivion, but I personally don't want to work with someone with this sort of attitude towards basic development overhead. I spend a lot of my time on this project and don't want to feel like I have to pull teeth to get volunteers to work and adopt the tools we need for proper development. This is a simple calculation of how much time might be wasted by me onboarding someone who then leaves the project quickly due to the development methodology versus taking on recruits that don't have reservations about our process flow.

Please do not take this personally, if possible. I'm glad that you are interested in the project