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[QA] Flexible & Willing Applicant !

Hello Skywind Team!

I am a longtime follower of this project, practically since its birth, and I have always wanted to contribute in some way, but never felt I could bring anything worthwhile to the table. I had a revelation earlier this week wherein I realized that I would deeply regret not contributing to this project in some way. But, despite all odds, I finally worked up the courage to put in an application !

A little bit of info about me:

Morrowind was my very first video game. My love for Vvardenfell and its seemingly endless mystery has followed me throughout my life, and I have never been able to stay away from it long. I won't take up too much space talking about my obsession with Morrowind, but let it be known that I wouldn't be the person I am today without it.

I have a physical disability that keeps me mostly homebound. This leaves me with an unfortunate amount of free time that I would like to dedicate to this project, and hopefully help in any way you see fit.

I have never personally done any "legitimate" quality assurance work, but I have done critique work in the past on writing, artwork, and other such things, so I am capable of giving valid feedback. I am also deeply familiar with Morrowind, on practically every level.   I also have a basic understanding of CK work, and have built a few mods in the past. I only have one up on the Nexus to date, and it is my most recent one. It definitely isn't perfect or extensive, but it is proof of my (limited) ability.

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • I am a graphic designer/artist by trade, and I rather enjoy making things of the like.
  • I am a rather avid worldbuilder, and writer, and spend most of my free time doing both of these things.
  • I am familiar with audio editing, and have been known to do some splicing now and again.
  • I am more than willing to learn new skills in order to help.
  • I would be happy to do menial/miscellaneous work, if needed.
  • I am painfully meticulous, which I've learned is something future employers tend to like.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and consider me as a possible asset to your team!

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Hi Vardenfell. Contact me

Hi Vardenfell. Contact me directly on the DIscord?