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[QA] Experienced QA

Hello all,
I would like to participate for a pretty simple reason. I love QA and I love games and this is a good opportunity for the two to meet. Morrowind is also my favourite TES game, I finished it a few years ago but it's hard for me to revisit it with its age.

I am a professional QA Engineer for a multinational in a mid-high level role by day and a gamer by night. I started in QA by playing games and submitting bug reports / balance suggestions to a game forum. The company eventually asked me if I'd like to volunteer my time to help them make their game better and I gladly did so. I then turned this into a profession when I realised how much I enjoyed it and here I am today.

I studied game design and I'm quite good at games; reaching top 50 in League of Legends solo Queue in Australia, I was in the highest ranked 5s team, Master tier overwatch, played Warcraft III custom maps and Half LIfe 2 deathmatch competitively.

My time schedule is basically as follows:
- Work / Gym : Monday - Friday 9am-8pm (Australia time)
- Rest of my time is free time to help out with this, but I will be taking some of that time to see friends/play other games of course. I'll be able to dedicate a few hours a week minimum for sure.

I would also like to note my application number. If you have any other questions for me, just ask.


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