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[QA] experienced and available


Thank you for taking the time to review my application. Having spent much of my time immersing in the lore and details placed in TES games and mods, it’s my desire to give some of my time back to the development community that has made this game so great for me.

4 years of my career have been dedicated to working in IT and end user support for educational institutions. I am willing to work towards specific deadlines and I will reach goals set by users and those aiming to finish their projects. My abilities allow me to locate issues, find the way to recreate and help resolve them. My experience allows me to explain issues to users with little to no technological experience.

Most of my work is in windows 7/10 and iOS. With my experience in other games scripting engines, having little to no experience I am willing to put forward the effort to learn papyrus and the Creation Kit. I have general user knowledge of the console from years of playing Elder Scrolls installments (implementing quest stages and deploying items/characters). I would be available for dedicated work 10-15 hours a week or more depending on the projects/deadlines that would be assigned.

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