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[QA] [Coding?] Application for QA tester

Hello all! Y'all probably know me already from Discord, but I'm a web developer with Java/C# experience who'd love to help out with QA and bugfinding. While I don't have CK/Papyrus experience, I'd also be interested in helping out there once I learn more in those areas. I don't have an online portfolio because most of my work has been for various jobs, but I can throw something up on GitHub if necessary! I work with git/GitHub every day so I'm quite familiar with them.

I've played a LOT of Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, and other than that mostly play RPGs (Witcher 3, the Mass Effect series, DAO, etc...). I've actually participated in a few alphas/betas before, although not as an official tester.

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