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[QA] [Coding] Application

Morrowind is my all-time favorite game: I've played through it several times with a variety of different character types. I have a lot of experience with QA testing (over a year) and coding (20+ years, off and on, with everything from C/C++ and Java to Python and JavaScript) and have played around with the Skyrim Creation Kit a little bit (not really experienced with Papyrus but would love to learn and contribute).

My QA experience includes several months testing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so I'm very much accustomed to finding and reporting issues in open world RPG/adventure games. I'm also completely comfortable with console commands and enjoy using them now and then while gaming.

Each week, I would love to commit anywhere from two to ten hours to the Skywind project, either as a coder, QA tester, or both. Please let me know how you'd like me to contribute.

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