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QA Application/3D modelling

About me: I'm Jack and am currently undergoing a course in college about the creation of games, or generally using the software for the creation of games. I am mainly learning abut concept art under this area (as linked in the PDF).

I enjoy the creation of fantasy creatures. I especially find this easier than a normal human. I also enjoy creating 3D models in my own time however in the main area I also enjoy generally playing games or just trying to break them to see all things wrong with them. I can commit atleast 3 hours a week and upmost can depend on what's going on however 9 hours is a definite. I am also looking for more experience as it comes. Currently in testing games I have tested apps (a local company with my course for a football app)


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Hello Urtholynn,

Hello Urtholynn,

We're looking experienced to very-experienced, and very available 3d artists, and i'm afraid for now, your portfolio doesn't make the cut. Keep practicing though, you're on the right track with, it seems, the right mindset!

See you around, and keep it up.

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Hi Urtholyn. Your application