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[QA] Application

A little about me: I love modding/tinkering with games. I am the kind of person that will jump off a ledge in a game just to see if you are able to do it. I played Morrowind when I was younger(am nearly 26 now) for countless hours. I played through and beat Morrowind again much later in life and it was just as great as I remember it.

I have a decent about of CK knowledge from modding/tweaking games over the past 2 years. I have not coded much in papyrus beyond the basic tutorials - but coming from a CS background, and being so familiar with OO concepts, I think I can easily pick that up. If it is an entry requirement I can learn it asap. I have modded and unmodded Skyrim more times than I can count, including much time debugging the game. That also familiarized me with the console.


I should be able to put between 2-6 hours a week depending on my full time job.

No proof of concepts below to link besides for my personal resume, and I would prefer to keep that private. If you need to see the resume to verify the integrity of my application, I can send you the PDF privately. ..so enjoy an energetic cat picture.

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Hi Nugler, I don't think you

Hi Nugler, I don't think you're quite the right fit for QA, but if you have a lot of CK experience there's probably a load of tasks which we could use help with which don't require papyrus. Message me directly on Discord and we'll chat a bit? (link in the left hand side menu)