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Hello Skywind Team!

My name is Brian. I'm a game design student at Southern New Hampshire University. I want to volunteer if there's anything I can help with. I'm excited to see this project coming together, and it would be a great opportunity for me to get more experience working with games.

Currently I spend most of my time coding, though I don't have much experience yet. I am eager to learn new concepts and new tools, and actually apply them to something big and awesome.

I have a lot of experience producing music. I've composed music for games, including My Little Investigations, which is another volunteer-based fan game. I also produce covers of songs for karaoke machines in my spare time. I'm proficient with Pro Tools, Logic Studio, and I have tons of audio libraries, including a membership to the EastWest Composer Cloud.

My guess is that I would be most useful as a sound editor or QA tester. I edited thousands of lines of dialogue for My Little Investigations, and I learned a ton about editing, batch processing, and workflows.

Thanks and good luck with the project,


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Hi Coding in Dm. Could you

Hi Coding in Dm. Could you join our Discord server (linked on the left) and send me a DM. I have the same username on their as well. Looks like you have a wide variety of talents so probably makes sense to have a chat about what there is to do and see what suites you best.