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[Miscellaneous Jobs][Voice File Cutting][QA][VA]

Good Evening Skywind Team!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

My name is Ryan (Luxbu) and I'm a Marketing graduate from Bradley Univeristy and I have a passion for The Elder Scrolls franchise. I've been excited since your team's initial announcement years ago on Skywind and I now have the skills that I feel can contribute to your team. The reason why I'm excited about this project is because of how much I loved Morrowind. People say Skyrim and Oblivious were their favorite, but for me, that was Morrowind.

Morrowind was the first game I felt truly immersed in. I loved the game for all of its glory and all of its faults. Mainly though, I loved the history and lore of Vvardenfell, its customization/sandbox elements, and the deep web of a story line it had. I paid attention to each NPC's storyline, I traveled to every single point of interest according to the Elder Scrolls Prophecies Guide - even finding things that wasn't in the guide, went as far as deciphering heiroglyphs in the game and the guide, and beat 98% of the quests in the game. While the other games were just as great as Morrowind and I love them just as much.. they just don't compare to Morrowind.

I admit, my relevant experience might be considered lack luster. It's been tough finding a professional way "in" to the industry, but I believe this can be my first real step. At my professional job as a Financial Analyst, I'm teaching myself the company's portal, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains. I had 0 experience and I regularly work with IT and even help them figure things out. I find screenshots and paying attention to the specific details to be extremely helpful. I'm also willing to sign up for some relevant courses, If I'm not already enrolled (Udemy.com). Also, prior to my role as a Financial Analyst, I was an Account Coordinator in a B2B atmosphere. I am no stranger to open communication whether it's email or phone/Discord.

What would make me a great addition to the team is my knowledge and understanding of the lore of Morrowind, my passion for the game and the project to come to life, my open communication, and willingness to learn whatever I need in order to find a place on the team. I've always wanted to learn coding/design (I designed the logo on the YT channel!) in games. I'm confident it would be easier to learn and understand actually working on a project and I would even buy relevant courses to help the team as well as myself.

Other things that might have gone unmentioned, but I'd like to point out:

  • I did focus on Market Research while getting my degree. I love working with people, teams, and companies on finding something they need and designing & implementing surveys. Because I'm a Bradley grad, I have a free Qualtrics account for life.
  • I have a very strong attention to detail. 
  • My QA experience is limited in terms of games, but I have a weird ability to "stress test" gameplay and find bugs. Even though I have very limited coding experience, I still have an idea of how it works. So feedback would be very detailed for the team.
  • I can, at the very least, cut voice files. I prefer to contribute much, much more than that.
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for VA you should submit

for VA you should submit voice file auditions in the appropriate race based threads. QA you'd need some formal experience otherwise it sucks up too much time onboarding people (often a negative impact on the project for onboard time versus work done by volunteer w/o experience). Filecutting may be open in a bit but Cesare just had eye surgery so she won't be checking applications for a little while. Might have to be patient on that one. Thanks for applying!