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[LEVEL DESIGN] - Application

Hello everyone,

The name is Milan and I am looking to join the TES Renewal project Skywind! I got here because a friend of mine (a 2D and 3D artist who is already taking part; Third_Sun in Discord) advised me to take a look at this project.

I am from the Netherlands and I'm studying game design and development. My specialties are game design, level design, production, and music composition. The reason I want to join is that I have some time on my hands right now and I could use the challenge and commitment.

Examples of my level design can be found here:

1. A space station level design (2018): https://youtu.be/aE-oTe3kUb8

2. A thrilling level design with some horror elements (2016): https://youtu.be/FfSSXVooP9I


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