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[ENVIRONMENT ART] Looking to Volunteer


My name is Stefan and I'm looking to join the Skywind team as an environment artist. I work in the games industry today as a level designer and teach level design at www.thegameassembly.com which ranked #2 game dev school in the world by the Rookies (http://www.therookies.co/schools/best-game-design-developmen...), currently I work at 50% speed at each workplace.

I have been doing level design for quite some time now and are now eager to learn more 3D. I have worked with architectural stuff and basic props in Autodesk Maya and I also teach my level design students the fundamentals.

Here's my portfolio: http://www.stefan-jonsson.se/

If my current portfolio doesn't show enough 3D I'd love to do a smaller art test. 

Edit 1: I just realised I missed the "Level of Committment" field. I'm not sure how I would place that. I do work a lot with my IRL-jobs and how many hours I can push into this can vary a lot from week to week / month to month. I have no clue as to what the team is expecting either so I'd rather chat directly about this or get some more concrete questions. :)


/ Stefan

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