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[CREATION KIT] [QUESTS] Volunteering to help


I’m a 23 year old game design graduate from Sweden looking to volunteer for the project. When some of my friends who love Skyrim told me they never played Morrowind because they couldn’t stand the outdated features and graphics this project came to mind and I decided to apply to help make it a reality. I’ve known about the project for a while and have thought about joining but never really felt I had the time to spare, well now I have so here I am! Another reason why I’d like to join is that I tend to get more motivated when my work has a context and I get to work towards a common goal.

I love creating my own levels and I love The Elder Scrolls games which is why I want to help out in the Creation kit area. I have worked in the old Construction Set for Oblivion and Morrowind as well as the new Creation Kit for Skyrim. A long time ago I did interior design for an Oblivion mod called The Colored Rooms and since then I’ve used the Creation Kit in my thesis project amongst other things. I’ve mostly done interiors and dungeons but I also know how to make simple quests and would love to get a chance to learn more about them if possible.

That was it I think, feel free to ask me any questions if i forgot to mention something.

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Hello, Zynoq! Thank you for

Hello, Zynoq! Thank you for your application,

Usually, we like applicants for the level design department to produce an example dungeon or exterior worldspace to show their proficiency in using the Creation Kit. Within your example you should showcase your ability to create and clutter a worldspace in an appropriate manner using the assets (rocks, plants, lighting, fx, etc.) from Skyrim.

Once this task is completed, you should attach your example .esp to your application for review and we will get back to you as soon as we can.