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[CREATION KIT] fan wanting to join the team

I am a High School student who wants to help speed up the project. My parents were playing Morrowind when I was small and later I started playing it on my own too. When Skyrim came out I tried it, but it just didn't have the feeling that Morrowind had, even although its graphics were better. And so when I read about the Skywind project I immediately wanted to see it happen. I have applied once this summer, but my created cave did not quite meet the requirements, and so I was told to exercise and come back later. During the last half year I didn't have much time so I can only upload my new plugin now.

Thank you for taking taking your time to look at my work.

Binary Data the new plugin I created14.27 KB
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Hi Interneteldar,

Hi Interneteldar,

Thank you for your application,

Unfortunately we can't afford to take you on as the level of experience we require from landscaping applicants is significantly higher than usual and may be for quite some time. Under normal circumstances I might consider taking you on as a member of the landscaping department however it's not a realistic option at the moment.

I would like to say though that your level of skill has definitely improved from your previous application and it was a difficult decision for me to not take you on. That being said, I'll keep you in mind for the future and will contact you if I feel we could use your help.

In the meantime, you should definitely keep it up. You have the potential to be a good landscaper but you just need more time to develop your skills.

If you would like some more in depth feedback about your application, feel free to drop me a PM on Discord.