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[CODING][CREATION KIT?] An engineer who wants to see a united Tamriel

Hya, I'm David, I've been a programmer for the last 6 years of my life, working mostly with Java (Server and client), Javascript (NodeJS on server and JS on client)
and c++ (for fun and glory)

Never used (or heard :P ) of Papyrus  but as stated above I've been using Java javascript and typesript, for years so I'm well accustomed to scripting and OOP. besides, learning new stuff is always (depends of the language) fun.

The last time I used ck was around 10 years ago when I was 13 years old (so no real experience with it) but I managed to create some simple modes for myself and I had 0 experience with coding back then so I believe I'll be able to pick this up quite quickly If needed :)

Been a fan of TES world ever since I was a little boy and I would love to help and speed up this awesome quest =].

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Hello, thanks for the

Hello, thanks for the application. :)

Skim through this since you're unfamiliar with Papyrus (with your experience it should be simple): http://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Papyrus_Introduction

Send me a message on Discord (Kninja50) to discuss your application further.