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[CODING] [QUESTS] Looking to Volunteer My Skills Where They're Needed

Hey all, 

I've been programming for 5-6 years now mainly being proficient in Java. I'm also very familiar with C, C#,  PHP, JavaScript, and some assembly. 

I'm extremely familiar with the Eclipse environment and using Git in tandem with it (also familiar with git bash). 

I'm not at all familiar with CK or with Papyrus, but Papyrus looks pretty simple to learn as I'm very familiar with OOP languages. I'm a quick learner though and will be familiar with both quickly. 

Morrowind is my favorite TES and game, and I'd like to channel my love for it in a constructive way while also learning something. I'm used to working on big projects (at work and at school) but it would be amazing to be a part of something like this. 

I'm a decent as well writer, and I know you guys don't really need "decent writers" but I included a sample because I also enjoy writing just in case. 

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Yea Papyrus isn't too

Yea Papyrus isn't too difficult especially if you have a background in programming, take a look at the Bendu Olo's Hope quest tutorial series on the CK wiki and then skim through this: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70883/?

Once you're done with that send me a PM on Discord (Kninja50).