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[CODING] Programming student looking to help on the project!

Hello everyone !

I am a french software engineer student looking to join the team and help on the Skywind project.

My main languages are C/C++ (my specialization is in embedded software) although I am fairly confident in my abilities in Python/Java and in OOP in general.  I just saw the message on discord the other day about aerisarn looking for decent C++ coders, so here I am. :)

Morrowind was my first very RPG and I would love to be able to contribute with the skills I have.

In the PDF, I linked my current main project, which is a Game Boy emulator in C++. I use git in all my projects so that shouldn't be a problem. I mainly work on Linux, but I have used Visual Studio in the past. I have no experience with Papyrus scripting but I am willing to learn.

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