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[CODING] Lets do some scripting boys

In the early hours of the morning I was surfing YouTube, enveloping myself in the lore of TES Universe. I jumped on the wagon well after Skyrim came out went on sale for $5. Finally, after a few years of procrastinating I got around to modding and playing through it. The only thing I could think was "I want more." It just so happens that I own only Morrowind's GOTY edition (for now) so instead of playing/modding Morrowind: Youtube has convinced me that I needn't waste time because SKYWIND!!! Only problem being it's not finished. Fortunately for me it just so happens I'm a software dev and can probably lend a hand.

When it's less late I'll be going over the creation kit tutorial articles suggested and once I hear back from you guys (presuming you'd have me) I'll get on to learning whatever I need to learn and doing whatever it is I need to do. Looking forward to working with the team.

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