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[CODING] [CREATION KIT] Programmer wanting to help

Hi, I'm a Computer Games Programmer in uni 2nd year, wanting to help, loved Morrowind since I was a kid.

Did some tiny mods and bugfixes for both Morrowind and Skyrim (usually caused by PL/ENG language conflicts) but they were mostly basic so I don't have anything to show off.

Have experience with C++, C# and Java, which I started learning at college (England one) and then moved on to university, I also have some knowledge of Papyrus from Morrowind bugs and Skyrim tutorials.

I've been following Skywind's progress, and although at first I wasn't versed enough in coding to join, I believe now I'll be able to help.

For contribution rate, I'd say moderate-high, unless nearing a deadline but I'd inform about that.

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