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[CODING] [CREATION KIT] Java developer excited to find a community bringing my childhood back to life

I practically ruined high school because of Morrowind and owned a PC and Xbox version of it as well as Tribunal and Bloodmoon. That game was my basis for fantasy world building and I used to spend most of my class time drawing large maps and crafting rough (very rough) sketches of characters. I haven't found a world since then that has captivated me the way TES 3 did. 

Now I work on an automated auditing platform coded in Java. I also develop the company's website using Node js and MySQlServer as our data store. I'm an experienced Java developer and Javascript (as far as it pertains to server side development). I'm also moderately knowledgeable in PHP. I'm most at home with object oriented languages but comfortable with scripting as well. I spent a part of my time in college modding a 2d game called "Battle For Wesnoth".  

On the side I'm learning to use Libgdx, a Java game framework, and have never quite given up the dream of building a whole universe.

I'm not familiar with CK but I would definitely learn Papyrus.

I'm excited to see this project flourish and hope to be a part of it!

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Take a look at this: http:/

Take a look at this: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70883/

If you're cool with that (a quick glance at Papyrus might help first) then send me a message on Discord (Kninja50) and we can discuss your application.