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[AUDIO] [SOUND] [MUSIC] Audio engineer looking to pitch in

Hi everyone,

I'm Rhiannon and I'm currently studying Audio at the Australian Institute of Music. I'm expressing my interest in helping out in the project because it's something that interests me and I'd like to put my skills to use, if they're needed of course.

I'm actually primarily a singer, or cover artist I guess, and I post most of my stuff on my YouTube channel. Almost everything there is recorded and mixed by me unless stated otherwise, and I started back in 2012. I only started my uni studies in 2015 though. I've completed 5 of 6 of my major studies, meaning I have experience and knowledge of professional mixing and recording techniques.

While I can't record much, I think my skills would be best put to use editing dialogue and possibly even mixing any music or compositions being written for the project (if that's happening). My YouTube doesn't really feature any of my full band mixes, it's mostly just vocals on a backing track, but I have a playlist that showcases my skills in mixing multiple tracks together to form a smooth blend. Excluding music, I'm more than capable to edit any dialogue, whether it be just snipping it, EQing for clarity, or any other desired processing effects.

I work with ProTools 12 and record with a Rode NT1-A condenser mic. I'll also eventually be applying in the VA section. Anyway, no drama if my skills aren't useful, but if they are I'm more than happy to lend a hand :)

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Hi Rhi, I think your skills

Hi Rhi, I think your skills/tools could be very useful either mastering our musical tracks or helping out with voice file mixing and mastering. Join our Discord server (linked on the left) and send me a DM? My username is the same on that platform.