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[Audio] Composer/Sound Designer

Hey guys,

I only just heard about this project and I would really love to contribute to the soundtrack if possible?

I recently wrote a piece that was inspired by Skyrim for another game (which sadly fell through).  But the dev had asked for something similar to the Skyrim wandering music.  This is the piece I wrote for that request: https://soundcloud.com/hazelturnbullmusic/northern-lights

I'd love to write more Skyrim-inspired music as it was so much fun!

Thanks, and all the best with the mod - it looks like it's going to be amazing.


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Hi Haze, this is a very nice

Hi Hazel, this is a very nice piece but doesn't fit the instrumentation we're looking for with the Skywind soundtrack. Although many of our composers' primary instrument is piano, they try to shy away from using it an focus more on string centric arrangements. Examples such as tracks by Fredrik Jonasson or Marius Schlichting or Matt Hawken (or the original morrowind soundtrack) is more of the instrumentation we're looking for.

Feel free to apply again if you think this sort of instrumentation is something you're interested in composing. Cheers