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Application - Level Designer



I would like to join Skywind as a level designer. I am experienced at using the creation kit for making interiors (dungeons, caves, houses, stores etc...) as well as exteriors (landscaping) including clutter for both.  Navmash is also one of my specialties (I don't like using the auto-generate feature in the creation kit. I do my navmash manually).

After following the Skywind project for some time now I must confess I am a huge fan of your guys work.
Currently I have some time to spare during my summer vacation and i would like to work on an awesome project here with you.

Hope I will have the chance to work with you guys.

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You're in! DM me (Crestycomb

You're in! DM me (Crestycomb#4349) over at our Discord channel and I'll send you further info