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'Amazingly Talented' Writer Application

Quote: "Our Writing, SFX and Concept Art departments are currently full. (Unless you're amazingly talented ;) )" I would like to begin by pointing out that I am most certainly capable of reading and my application is not a troll, nor is it an attempt to vex you. I simply feel that my writing skills fall under the 'amazingly talented' category under which you will conditionally recruit additional writers. Please do not mistake confidence for cockiness. I am humbled to even have the opportunity to apply for a project such as the elder scrolls renewal development team.

My qualifications exceed expectations for a volunteer organization. I have been part of 37 different MMO roleplaying communities during which time I was expected to forge character back-stories and begin live improvisation writing alongside hundreds of other people.

Not impressed? I have been to college 4 separate times during which I received multiple forms of education on speech, literature, English, mythology, and most importantly writing. On the side I have written songs, poems, short stories, and have been working on my own fantasy novel for 8 years. Writing is also in my blood as my father is a published author and my mother is a research analyst for local government commission (she researches and writes law).

Furthermore I have been modding Skyrim for 3 years. I have also played Obliviion and Morrowind quite thoroughly as well. I am very familiar with the lore and immersion factors which pertain to the elder scrolls series. This concludes my application. If you are interested or require more elaboration on the details of my experience/qualifications, feel free to contact me. Thank you for your consideration and your time. 

PS - My PDF file says the exact same thing. I don't publish my work online because I prefer not to have it stolen. If you would like to see samples, please email me with an improvisation writing prompt. Tell me who or what it is going to be about, when you want it done by, and how long it should be. I guarantee your satisfaction. Please only contact me via email. Thank you.

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