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Allroud 3D artist [3D]

Hey Here's my application for the 3D department

I'm very interested in joining your team because I Have, for a long time. been looking for a big project to work on in a team. I am currently studying game art and I am in my second year. and this summer I will have lots of free time on my hands so I figured this would be the perfect time to apply. I see this a very good opportunity to support the team and to further harden my 3D skills and to get some experience in working on a real serious project.

I'm looking forward to help you guys :)


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Hello, thank you for your

Hello, thank you for your application!

After a good look at your linked portfolio, I think you might potentially be a good fit for the landscaping department. That being said, in order to fully determine if this is the case I'd need to see some evidence of work in the Creation Kit to make sure you are proficient with it. 

If you could use the Creation kit to create an example landscape (interior or exterior) and post some screenshots or a .esp here I'll take a look and consider taking you on as a member of the landscaping team.

I look forward to hearing back from you!