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[3D/Texturing][Landscaping] Mid experienced modeler looking to join!

Hello there,

I've seen a review of Renewal project on youtube recently, and looking at the quality of this mod and efforts put into it, I feel like I want to bring my little contribution, being a TES player myself :) I'm a 3D vehicle artist right now, but medieval-ish environments would feel very good as well.

Interested to help in architecture especially, but also props and environment (as long as it doesn't have leaves eheh).

Just to be clear : I may not be consistent in the time I can release the work because life, work, etc. you know. But I always finish what i start sooner or later. And I don't work with photoshop for texturing (only for retakes).

And those lines seemed to be hinden in the form so : living in France, GMT+1, low level comitment (one or a few assets per month (but hey, made with love))


Keep up the good work,

See you !

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