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[3D][Level Design]Experienced Developer looking to help

Hello Skywind Team! 

I was previously a lead in Beyond Skyrim, specifically for the province of Morrowind. After leaving that project to pursue an indie game venture, and that venture falling out, I find myself wanting to be a part of a project again but didn't want to re-join beyond skyrim. I used to work with Kettlewitch if you want a referral. 

Sadly, the work I have done in the past year or two isn't up for public display as it is under an NDA, with the following exceptions: 

Further examples can be found in Beyond Skyrim;





or an art test can be done on request. The examples above show clutter modeling, but I actually specialize in environment modeling and am willing to model an example for you. 

My landscaping and level design examples are best seen in my waterstone manor mod however I can also provide an example esp if required. 

PDF icon Not a full show of my skills.....144.03 KB
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