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[3D] Recent games art grad wanting to help

Hi, I'm Matt from the UK. I just graduated from university where I studied Computer Games Art.

I currently work full time but get 7 days off per fortnight so I will have plenty of time to help out if needed.
Since leaving uni and getting all these fun adult responsibilities, I have sorely missed working as part of a team on an awesome project. I'd love to help out on this one.

Full disclosure, I have not played Morrowind, but I was massively into Skyrim when it came out. I don't think this will be an issue as I take the research phase of modelling seriously.

My portfolio shows I have turned to stylised art more but I'll have no problem matching the art style as I'm fairly adaptable. I also react well to criticism :)
You can check out my work here, and feel free to let me know what you think. http://3dhuss.com/

Just one question. Are project contributors able to use their work in their portfolio and artstation pages?

Thanks a lot!

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