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[3D] Props and Environment work

Hi, my name is Kennedith and I'm a student looking to submit work to the Skywind project.

I'm currently looking for a project to contribute towards over the summer between my second and third years at De Montfort University studying Game Art. I'm looking to do prop and environment work over the coming months to train my 3d modeling and 2d texturing skills as well as team work and game development abilities.

The Elder Scrolls series got me personally invested into game art after the unfortunate passing of Adam Adamowicz in early 2012 and the public release of his concept art and designs for Fallout 3 and Skyrim. Since then I have learnt 2D drawing skills, both traditional and digital, and since my starting at DMU have learnt 3d modeling and concepting. Sadly my traditional 2d work is still in the possession of my school as reference and my scans were lost in a hard drive failure last year, but my 3d work is available on my Sketchfab here https://sketchfab.com/Kennedy98/models and  my Artstation here https://www.artstation.com/kennedith

While much of my online hosted work is relatively low poly this is mostly because of the constraints of my projects and not of my abilities. I can develop modular environment pieces to specific scales as well as props for use in engine, though most of my experience has been in Unreal Engine 4.  If needed I could produce an art-test piece to meet standard requirements of this project.

My first exposure to the series was through a full playthrough of Oblivion in 2009, but after playing Skyrim in 2012 I have since fallen in love with the Elder Scroll series and its deep universe for its unique lore, storytelling and world building that make it such a vibrant and interesting setting. After much recommendation I began playing Morrowind in 2016 and have so far played it for over 100 hours and have come to appreciate the game's design and the richness of the setting and quest design.

I hope to hear back from you and look forward to working on such an exciting project.

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