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[3D] modelling and texturing

my name is Boris and I am a hobby 3D artist and game developer. 
I'm now into game development for about 8 years and I learned a lot in this time.
Recently I've been studying 3D Modelling, PBR Texturing and topology.
Although I haven't got much to show as a prove of skills yet, I am confident that I can contribute.
For the start it would be best if I could show my skills with some static models that are not too complex.

I have experience with Blender, Substance Designer and Gimp.

It would be a great experience for me to contribute to this great project. If you think you have a task that fits me I will be very motivated to give it my best.

One reason for my motivation is that I love Morrowind and I think it is the best game of the Elder Scrolls series. If I can help to make it complete faster, I would be very proud.

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Hello Bakkaa, thanks for the

Hello Bakkaa, thanks for the application . I think that your showcase as it currently stands isn't quite substantial enough for us to really get a grasp on your skill level/what you are capable of. Is there anything else you have to show, or can you talk a bit more about your specific skills that you are practiced in?