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[3D] Modeling, texturing

Hey all I am Lt.Sheitzah!

Recent graduate from college studying Game Art and Production at Drexel University and mainly was focusing on Production. As this is traditionally a senior level position (but I get to start with some Production Assistant work at my upcoming job!) I have diversified my skillset mainly focusing on what I felt the weakest skillsets were among my peers, those being UVing and Texturing specifically in a PBR workflow via the Substance Suite (B2M, Painter, and Designer). 

I am not going to lie to you, The Elder Scrolls series is not my favorite game or even genre. Mainly focusing on multiplayer games, specifically competitive games, however I love the lore of the Elder Scrolls world and I specifically love the idea behind these type of projects and would love to volunteer my skillset to assist in the creation of this mod as well as to hopefully learn from more experience industry professionals. 

Although I wish to be a Producer / Project Manager, I believe I can assist in the Modeling and Texturing of assets. My biggest weakness is organic assets, however I am experienced in creating environment assets specifically the type under the "grunt work" column. Anything I can do to help I would love to offer! I especially love to critique so I am hoping to assist as best I can in the Discord to assist my fellow artists.

My largest contribution to assets has been in a game for my senior project under the title "Astral Raiders". This game did have a stylized appearance although that was more done in the simplification of details and vibrant colors rather than a decreasing of realism. A full PBR metal workflow was used optimized for mobile and Unity however I am knowledge (although significantly less experienced) in creating more realistic textures but I hope to cover ground quickly with the PBR focus. 

Software that I have touched in the last 3 Months: Maya (Proficient), Photoshop (Proficient), Substance Painter (Proficient), Substance Designer (Proficient), B2M (Skilled), Unity (Beginner/Proficient), ZBrush (Barely a beginner), Headus UV Layout (Skilled), Photoshop (Skilled), Illustrator (Skilled).

My Rating Scale: Beginner < Proficient < Skilled < Master 

I fully understand if you want to go with someone with more experience however I hope I can be of assistance on this project. 

Lastly I attached two images of assets I am specifically proud of as I pushed them through several iterations past hitting our baseline quality to focus on improving my texturing skills. Both of these assets were completely done by me (including rigging, UVing, Animating) with only some concept assistance for the Burst Cannon by a teammate. Additionally for these assets I created custom materials and tileable textures however at this hour I am unable to locate them (will add if Mods interested, they were created in Substance Designer). 

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Hm, if you're interested in

Hm, if you're interested in contributing managment type duties, that's definitely something there is room for in the 3D team atm. PM me on Discord and we can discuss this further, same username as on the site