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[3D Modeling] Application

Hi! I'm a 2d/3d artist from Finland looking to contribute to the project. I'm currently unemployed and actively training to gain more experience and new skills. I'm sort of new to 3D but I hope the work I have linked on the application is of high enough quality. Unfortunately I haven't put together a portfolio site so I linked my Twitter where I've been posting most actively, there is one organic model I've modeled in Zbrush and textured in Substance Painter and one hard surface model done in Zbrush and 'haphazardly textured' in Cinema4D. There are also some models I made with the Oculus VR modeling tool but please look past those :'D. I somehow missed the 'level of commitment' tab while filling out the application but as I'm unemployed I have potentially lots of time to pour in to the project.

I realize the material I've linked on the application maybe doesn't demonstrate game asset creation enough so I'll be happy to do an art test piece if necessary.

I've been following the project for a long time but after seeing the 3D recruitment video on youtube I thought I'd try to join as well.

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