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[3D] Modeler looking to join


My name is Ryan, I am a student leaver who studied general game development for roughly 4 years. Im somehow 20 and from Big Norn Iron. I don't have any industry experience however I have been using 3DS Max and Photoshop for about 3 years. I am confident in using both packages and others such as Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, and Substances. I personally find I'm better working on environmental assets rather then characters as this is where my passion tends to steer. I've never used the Skyrim creative kit but do have years of working inside Unreal 4 (assuming one engines knowledge can help learn others). 

The reason I want to join is multiple reasons, one of the biggest is having a project to work on which can help have high quality content to place into my portfolio. Another reason is probably the same as most people, I love the elder scrolls games, (that ive played :D), and want to help with the creation of one of the most ambitious mods made for Skyrim. One of my biggest downfalls is my lack of creativity in places, I can use the needed softwares fairly well and when given a design or idea from someone I can give it my all but when I'm asked to go from nothing I find it difficult. Finally cats are great. 

Hope I can help out with any parts of the project that needs working on. 

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Hey Ryan, you're in luck

Hey Ryan, you're in luck because of focus is on enviromental work! Creation kit knowledge is not required for the 3D team, as the landscapers are the ones working directly in the engine, 3D is just modeling. I think we can try and find something suitable for you, join our Discord if you haven't already, and send me a PM. Same username as in here  https://tesrenewal.com/content/skywind-public-chat-on-discord