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[3D] Generalist

Hope I'm putting this in the right place.

I want to join Skywind/Skyblivion (I'll work on either or both) partially for something to put on my resume, and partially because it is something I am eager to see finished and play myself.

I outlined my skills in the application and they should be in the PDF.

I have both a bachelor's and a master's degree in game development, and in the course of getting those degrees I've had to take classes in all areas of game development (except maybe coding (not counting scripting like Python))

I can kind of use python, but I'm better at it when I can google something like "maya python cluster on each CV" and have it give me a script that way. I am more than happy to share any scripts I have (most are Maya-specific, I've never been taught 3DS Max, but I think Maya is more technical and thus considered better for rigging. I think Blizzard models in Max and rigs in Maya). I'm even currently working on a metascript to create an IKFK match script (and it's not hardcoded, it takes in user-input strings for the names I need to create my IKFK match system).

I do not know how good Maya and Max are about converting rigs to each other. But if you want me to work fast, Maya would be the best software to put me in. This applies to modelling as well. I've done some recreation work similar to what you're doing, have modeled the interiors of a couple buildings from Candlekeep (Baldur's Gate). Including clutter.

I either missed them, or these fields weren't there when I filled out the application:

Country: United States

Time Zone: Pacific

Level of commitment: in the air right now, currently looking for a job and no idea when I'll get that or the amount of work they'll give me. (Will keep my lead apprised of such changes)

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Hello Kimmuryiel!

Hello Kimmuryiel!

We could certainly use another rigger in Animation. If you haven't already you should join our discord server here: https://discord.gg/0oOzg2qbwpmb6WJM

Thats our main method of communication on the team. Once there shoot me(Coal#7608) a message, I head the Animation department and I'll set you up with a quick rigging test.