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New quests?

Hello there! 

I am new to this forum and I discovered this project a while back, needless to say, I was instantly hooked!

Seeing how I grew up playing Morrowind and am familiar with its lore and fantasy setting, I wanted to contribute somehow, and the best way I think I could do that is by writing a few quests if this project is planning on including some that weren't in the original Morrowind game.

Here are some of my previous fantasy writings for referrence:



I have an enormous amount of enthusiasm for this project, and I'm certain I wouldn't disappoint, as I am overflowing with ideas and have plenty of time at hand at this moment.

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You can do whatever you want

You can do whatever you want as a separate mod to be added by players. But if you want additional content added to the Skywind project, that may not happen. The goal right now is to get a stable version of Morrowind out the door. Extra's just cause delays in getting the base product released. So go try your hand at making some mods and upload them here to the forum like some of us have already done. I look forward to mods for Skywind.

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If you are a writer of course

If you are a writer of course you can help us with idle banter for now.  Later, in phase two, we hope to start populating the land more and adding some new quests.