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Daggerfall Remake is Possible

For all that say that Daggerfall is near to impossible to remake cause of its randomizer. Yes that part is true, but what prevents them from taking one set of randomly generated areas. So get this they take the cities place them at there correct point dungeons too, land in daggerfall isn't hard to create but just choose only one set of randomly generate land. But when it comes to the quest and dungeons they can add there own twist to it. Add more side quest, make cities have loading areas and have npcs talk you can use the oblivion game for it and no have daggerfall as big (so it wont crash the game) and have all location markers active. Now for the kingdoms like daggerfall and wayrest just have loading screens between them so your screen won't be filled with hundreds of makers. I think this would actually be quicker than skywind and skyblivion making cause the terrain isn't really detail. So all that say daggerfall remake is impossible, well i say your wrong.

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Please search the forum for

Please search the forum for older posts on this. This has been discussed a lot elsewhere.

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