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Shadows of Morrowind

You know it is kind of sad that the public downloads were taken down. I was following this project well since a long time a go I made a video promoting the Morroblivion project with adventures of my character Black Rose. I actually prefer following up on Shadows of Morrowind though it is still in early stages he is doing a good job with recreating a Morrowind that is several hundred years later. Could you at least have a members only download or something? I would like to do new videos promoting the project.

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Please see item 3 of the

Please see item 3 of the Skywind FAQ.

There are many reasons why we choose not to make Skywind public right now.  We appreciate your interest in the project but we have decided to keep the build internal for now and do any promotion through our official youtube page and associated social media accounts. When Skywind is in a more playable state then we will open it to the general public and "lets play" twitch/youtubers etc.