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Looking for some hardware

Having graduated recently and realizing that I need some stuff before I can work full time on 3D modeling, I come here looking for suggestions on tools.

For now, I'm only looking for a drawing tablet. Something that seems really necessary for sculpting and that'll probably help me when image editing comes around.
These are pointers for some restrictions:
1 - It'd probably be best for it to be a tablet that has a screen (something like this:

2 - Despite flexible, I don't want the budget to be that big. Something below 1000€ would be good, below 700€ would be ideal. The cheaper it is, the better, basically.

If there are any drawing tablets that you know of that can satisfy those 2 points (having a screen and not too expensive), please tell me about it, and possibly link me to some pricetables or such.

Many thanks for your time!

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honestly? Don't bother with a

honestly? Don't bother with a screen unless you have a really stupidly solid income and the screen allows you to work faster to pay for itself.

I find that most people should just get a Wacom Intuos 5 touch and be done with it. It is a fantastic tablet and works great. I would save the money that you would be dropping on the screen version and just getting a second/third monitor which will speed up your workflow more than a tablet with a screen every would because modeling with a tablet is hard, you will only use it when sculpting and photoshopping.