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Selective Level Cap

By: Arjan Wardekker (Lord Gildor) Type: Tweaks Version: 1.0 Many NPCs and creatures in Oblivion are scaled to the player's level. This keeps the game challenging, but also results in repetitiveness at high level. Weapon damage stops increasing beyond a certain point, while health still increases, and the player has fought the generic foes many times over. This results in longer, repetitive combat sequences, that do not really add any excitement or real challenge. Simply sliding the difficulty slider to 'easy' or capping everyone, however, removes much of the challenge as well. This mod selectively caps generic fodder, such as common bandits, undead, and daedra. It specifically does not cap bosses, named and quest-specific NPCs and creatures, and special varieties (e.g. black bow bandits, ahzklan trolls, tribal goblins, etc.). Therefore, it keeps non-capped levelled encounters in the game, but, at higher levels, reserves the challenging encounters for more specific situations. Note: Because Oblivion saves levelling rules in the save game, this plugin only works when applied from start (i.e. starting a new game). Cleaning your old save game with a utility such as Wrye Bash may also work. http://www.alcarin.com/gnome_tinkerer/plugins/oblivion/AW_Se...

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